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September 7th, the Godfather of House Frankie Knuckles came to Renaissance, a somewhat strange move for the 20 year old brand, mostly known for catering to progressive house fans, though the audience seemed happy with the classic house vibes that kept things bouncing. Not as packed as, say, Vagabundos, where it can sometimes take you half an hour to get across the club, but by 3 AM things were pumping along nicely, as Knuckles weaved his way through energetic, disco-infused house, with tracks like Alex Kenji’s remix of Joey Negro’s “Feel It.”

Pacha kept things old school, moving the DJ booth back to its original spot, where the 57 year old relaxed in a stool while he mixed. When it counted, though, he was standing and urging the crowd on, much to their delight. Upstairs in the Pioneer Lounge, Steven Bandouvakis of The Other Guys kept things cool and relaxed, with chilled out grooves like the Pachanga Boys’ “Time,” an epic 15-minute odyssey of spaced out, hypnotic beats, and in the Funky Room, Willie Graff played relaxed tunes like his and Tuccillo’s remix of Charles Webster’s “Give Me More” and Dez Andres’ “Seasons So Long.”


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