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Location 20 (7 in Spain, 13 International updated 28th Feb 2010)
Coordinates 38°55′6″N 1°26′35″ECoordinates38°55′6″N 1°26′35″E
Type Nightclub
Website Pacha

Jason Jollins‘ performing at Pacha Buenos Aires

Pacha Madrid (Spain)

Pacha is a nightclub franchise with headquarters in IbizaSpain. The first Pacha club was opened in Sitges outside Barcelona in 1967. The Ibiza club, located in Ibiza Town, is the best known venue today. During 2009 Pacha acquired El Divino, near the marina of Ibiza la Nueva, which will be converted to a luxury restaurant and music bar, and its name will be changed. In a 2012 DJ Magazine poll of the world’s 100 best nightclubs, Pacha rated third.[1]



[edit]Pacha Ibiza

Roger Sanchez‘ Release Yourself party, July 2006

Luciano Nicolet joined the team in 2010. The club was also featured in the 2004 movie It’s All Gone Pete Tong.

Musically, Pacha is best known for specialising in house music but has five different rooms incorporating other musical styles. DJ Steve Lawler stated in a 2006 Ministry of Sound interview that “Pacha’s a great club with an amazing sound system”.[2]Every September the club is host to the annual DJ Awards. In 2007, musician James Blunt released a song called “1973” about the club, which was subsequently remixed by Pete Tong and played during his own sets in the club.

In 2008, Pete Tong moved his residency away from Pacha in favour of promoting his own night, “Wonderland”, at Eden nightclub in San Antonio. However, Tong has since returned to Pacha to facilitate a Friday night residency, “All Gone Pete Tong.”[3]

In Test Drive Unlimited 2 (2011), the club can be seen from the outside in Eivissa, but you can not go in. A sign outside it says “Pure Pacha. Every Friday Night.”

[edit]Pacha New York

Pacha New York is the first North American branch of the club and the newest member of the franchise. Located on the West side of Manhattan the 30,000-square-foot (2,800 m2venue is made up of four floors. The site was home to the Sound Factorynightclub, which closed in 2005. The industrial facade of the building gives no indication of the aesthetic of the interior decor.

The lower level “basement” is mostly used for the coat check and merchandise store, however when the main room gets overcrowded many patrons escape to the basement room to listen to local DJs. The first floor is the club’s main room, a bare wide-open room with a traditional New York club dance floor, along with a full bar and grand staircase. The room features a powerful sound system and the intelligent, LED and conventional lightning system. The club also has a fully integrated video system. The second floor is the mezzanine, which overlooks the main floor and accommodates the club’s VIPs. The third floor is made up of the Funky Room, named after Pacha Ibiza’s pre-club lounge space, and has a V.I.P. section called ” The Shower Lounge”, where there is live shower dancing. Lastly the fourth floor is Pachita or “little pacha”, located in the attic, with a capacity of 400 and suitable for dancing, lounging, or seated presentations. The couches can be changed to custom configurations, while an independent sound system and full bar allow for Pachita to host its own parties separated from the main floor. Each level, with the exception of the mezzanine, has its own outdoor smoking level.[4]



[edit]Pacha Magazine

There is also a Pacha Magazine which publishes six issues a year, monthly from May through September, and a winter issue in December. It is also available to subscribers as PDF download or can be read online. As with the Ibiza editions of Mixmag and M8Pacha Magazine is also available free on Ibiza, at the bars on the Sunset Strip and elsewhere.


Pacha is a place in Kuttanad, Kerala in India. The word ‘pacha’ means green, and comes from the Malayalam language.


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