All you need to know about Pacha Recordings


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We believe that Ibiza is the centre of the dance universe, we have the ultimate club experience on the island with no less than seven amazing nightclubs and hundreds of other smaller and intimate clubs, lounges, bars and beach locations where house music dominates the landscape. We have labels, DJs and producers arriving here from around the world all summer long and so we feel we are a global entity that emanates from a beautiful and important island in the Mediterranean.

On the other hand, as a brand Pacha is probably one of the top three most recognized logos in house music. Yes, it started as a compilation label but not really a label, third parties released compilations with our cherries on it. Now we release our own compilations and we are very active in producing. We took control back of our brand, logo and our future. Now we are compilations, artist albums, singles and tracks, we do it all, like a real record label.

Would you like to submit us your own tracks?

Send a Soundcloud private link to Thank you!!


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