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Pacha Sponsored team “Disco Traktor” wins Red Bull’s “Wings Day” competition…

It is evident now that the Third Red Bull’s “Wings Day” competition in Spain held this year in The White Isle was a success! Nothing short of 23,000 people invaded the port of Ibiza and cheered 35 teams of Daredevils under a whooping 35º heat.

With the array of talent involved in this event, it is a great pride to Pacha that its sponsored team “Disco Tractor”, made up of the youngest local participants (with all members under 20), won the 1st prize!

Judging was based not only on the length of the jump but also on the design of the flying machine as well as the choreography of the team before the jump. Suffice it to say that their change from “Payeses” onto clubbers at thebumping rhythms of Pacha Recordings´music was a perfect embodiment of what the White Isle and its people are all about- A great big family united through the House Music world!

Don’t miss the Video!


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