All you need to know about Pacha Recordings

OUT NOW:: SOUL HEAVEN – Jerry Ropero & Eddy Cabrera ft. Terri B!

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Ropero continued publishing music under his own name, releasing his music under several labels, most notably Positiva and Joia, but most of his work has beenremixing for other artists, such as Danzel, Paps ‘n’ Skar, and Kate Ryan. Most of his mainstream success since Avant Garde has however resulted from collaborating with Denis The Menace, another German-born DJ/producer, under several different aliases (Michael Simon, JR & DTM, Avalanche, Clubworxx, among others), together producing remixes as well as their own material, such as Coração, Mombasa, and Time 2 Turn Around. Their work has been included on several compilations released by some of the biggest labels in the house scene, including Pacha Recordings, Ministry of Sound and Hed Kandi.


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