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Pacha group has announced an exciting new project due to open in 2013, Pacha Desitno a hotel and resort that will a Pacha lifestyle experience in a completely different environment. Located in Cap Martinet, a short distance fro Talamanca and Ibiza Town, Pacha Destino will command one of the finest views in the Mediterranean.


As a brand Pacha has evolved from the ultimate clubbing experience into musch more of a lifestyle, with El Hotel and Lio offering unique experiences away from the nightclub, Pacha has become synonymous with luxury and the latest addition to the family, Pacha Destino, promises to deliver that unique lifestyle around the clock in a custom built hotel and resort that is set to raise the bar for luxury to all new dizzy heights!


The 50,000 square metre resort will encompass one hundred and seventy rooms, offering different rooms to accommodate individuals, including luxury suites for the most selective VIP’s. With room integration including open spaces, vegetation and trees, maximising the sites natural beauty, indoor and outdoors becomes one in this unique development. The pool area will be a modern day oasis, surrounded by palm trees, luxurious sun beds and cabanas with a king-size Jacuzzi from which you can enjoy the stunning Ibiza sunset.


On the entertainment front, Pacha promises originality, ensuring that your day by the pool will be as glamorous and satisfying as possible. The restaurant will feature a fusion of flavours, including Japanese, Mediterranean and Central American fresh from local ingredients as well as offering a healthy choice of fresh juices and hot yoga on the premises. Pacha understands what makes a holiday special, it has been at the hub of entertaining tourists on the island for decades, with Pacha Destino, it takes ups the ante and delivers a resort that is the epitome of the Pacha formula for a luxury lifestyle.



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