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NEW RELEASE:: Richard Grey – Warped Bass (The Pacha Remixes)


Richard Christian Rene Jacquin

DJ and producer. He contributed to the world success of the “French Touch” of House music.
With an early love of music, heavily influenced by his father’s record collection, Richard grew up listening to classic Jazz, Funk and Disco acts such as George Duke, Crusaders, The and Chic.
He began to record solo in 1999 with ‘I Need You’.

OUT NEW! One Way To Ibiza EP – Santiago Cortes ft. David F

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OUT NEW! One Way To Ibiza EP - Santiago Cortes ft. David FNot only mentioned productions made Santiago Cortés to one of the most impressing persons in Swiss music industry but as well his international network which allows him to work on a international niveau, based on an almost endless repertoire of artists.

Furthermore, he joined with media and fashion partners such as IBIZA GLOBAL RADIO, Radio 105, the leading Swiss and SPAIN youth radio, to produce his own radio show every Friday evening F*** Me I`m FAMOUS for Cathy & David Guetta or Astons Nightwear as well as Diva Vodka. And last but not least, he is the first Swiss musician having his own platform in

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NEW ON BEATPORT:: Oops Upside Your Head by Dimitry Bass

Dmitry Bass was infatuated by music from his early boyhood. Such styles as Techno, Drum’n’Bass, Disco House developed his musical personality. Dmitry himself says: As a boy , listening to techno, I had it in mind how a track looked like while increasing in sounds. Dmitry’s career as a musician and DJ started in 2005. His hot remixes and tracks are well – known among world DJ’s and internet – radiostations.